About us

Founded in 2003

New Idea started as a small garment factory with a main goal: Grow alongside its customers to ensure the best product and services. During its first 10 years, guided by its founder, Mr. Zhang, New Idea focused on:

Developing its business by concluding long term contract over multiple projects with customers in North and South America, Europe and South Africa.
Standardising and improving its trade by developing, training and expending dedicated teams for each step of the company’s working process
Growing a partners’ network to consolidate the manufacturing structure. Finding reliable actors in the textile industry with similar ideals and long-term goals can be struggle. Whether they are new factories, accessory suppliers, or neighbour companies, we have worked to develop new partnership to increase production capacity and guarantee the best quality for New Idea’s customers.

Since 2013

Since 2013, New Idea has expended and opened offices on every continent. They have established strong partnership with manufacturers in South-East Asia and invested to ensure the continuity of their service quality.
In 2017 New Idea we celebrate 15 years of continuous research, exceptional quality and dedication to our customers. With a yearly growth of 20%, we are now working on giving New Idea a rejuvenated image to better match our company and promises of a brilliant future.

Company Location

To better serve you, we are located in strategic locations :

• Head offices in Shaoxing (Zhejiang province), and factories in tactical Chinese provinces (Zhejiang, Jiangxi, Anhui and Guangdong provinces), for better proximity with our suppliers and partners.
• An office in Shanghai to ensure the best access and shipping services
• Offices in Los Angeles, New York, Montreal, Sao Paulo, Barcelona, Moscow, Dhaka and Chittagong to facilitate face to face collaboration with our customers.
Expansion in South-East Asia (Burma & Bangladesh), to increase our competitiveness.

New Idea offices' global location

Global Sourcing

Global sourcing is the ultimate strategy ensuring you access to the best materials & expertise. Nowadays, many companies choose to develop relations in new geographic areas, to stimulate and enhance their industrial capacities.

By working with NEW IDEA, you get access to a bigger global Textile supplier pool and tailor-made solutions to answer your needs.
Sourcing in international markets guarantees the combination of low-cost material and high quality to meet your requirements. Optimised by high-developed manufacturing infrastructures and technologies, our team ensures expert assistance and professional procurement services.

Our Values

New Idea was founded around the ideal that creating a beneficial enterprise would profit every contributor in the long-term. From customer satisfaction, to creating a safe place for his employees, Mr. Zhang envisioned the success of his business to be based on strong values.
Since then, from our offices to our sewing machines, our personnel is proud to be part, represent and share what has become New Idea’s standards. Our consistent honesty & integrity in either business or society relations are the key factors that brought our company to be acquire its high reputation locally & internationally.

For the Company


Caring for our employees: At New Idea, we understand that happy, well-cared for employees are the greatest resources of a successful company. Satisfied workers, choose to evolve and grow with their employer, gaining experience to better serve their clients.

Investing in our partners: By ensuring the sustainability of our suppliers and partners, we ensure their support to better answer your requests.

Set-up for long-term achievements: Implementing the sustainability of our company throughout the entire supply chain guarantees New Idea’s future growth.

For our Customers


Work Ethic: At New Idea, we know and commit to an irreproachable work ethic. Satisfied customers are our best sales representative.

Pro-active services: Our experienced team will work to better solve your problem, taking initiatives and presenting you with one of a kind solutions to meet your needs. We believe it is the base for recurring and long-term meaningful customer relationship.

Understanding & proximity: The knowledge of your market and its specificities will ensure our understanding of your request for a hassle free collaboration.

We invest to stay the Best


R&D: At New Idea we believe that infusing funds in Research & Development today will help us guide you in your request tomorrow.

New Production tools: We search and select the state of the art technologies that we need to keep our cost competitive, our quality superior and our lead-time the shortest to better serve you.

Employee training programs: Whether it is to learn management or new production techniques, we ensure our employees stay up to date and motivated.

Whether you are looking for a partner to start your venture abroad or to expand and supply at a global scale, it is through those strong ideals we believe we can provide the best of customer services.