Our Expertise

New Idea is THE made-to-measure, one-stop solution to your garment needs. As a manufacture-trade orientated company, we can help you whether you are:

A wholesaler looking to buy an OEM range
•A company looking to produce your own line for your private label
•A fashion brand looking to create your collection.

We have experience supplying a wide range of garments: women, men & kids.
For young fashion, casual lines, with a specialty in light woven, knits and jeans.

As we understand that two companies don’t have the same requests, we extend our product service offering by sourcing what we can’t produce. Based on our extensive global supply base, we can procure high or low volume of all product categories within varying levels of fabrications: apparels, trims, accessories and packaging, while ensuring you of the most qualitative and cost effective marchandise.

Trained in the latest techniques

Our employees are the source of our strength and expertise, the reason for our success. We are convinced that investing in training our staff to help them grow, evolve and gain qualification, is the best way to ensure New Idea a sustainable development. Every year, in December, our next annual budget includes internal and external trainings.

Internal training: to ensure cohesion and create vocations, our senior staff will organise seminars for junior employees, trainees but also colleagues from other teams interested in the discipline. Each services (Design, Merchandising, Sourcing, Manufacturing, Logistic, HR, Customer service…) is in charge of putting together its own workshop.

External training: Once per year, per service, we invite an outside organism to teach new techniques, inform on the latest innovations and guarantee our customers the conformity of our work to the latest global certifications. From logistic to top management, everyone gets to update its expertise.

We take the time to include our suppliers and dedicated partners in our training program. By assuring their professional instruction, we certify that their work quality is optimal and meeting our company’s compliance level.

Warranties & Engagements

Our commitment to our customers implies the implementation of the most stringent international health and safety regulations.
New Idea takes quality, ethical and environment matters extremely seriously. Our company’s policies warranty that we source and produce garments in a responsible manner. We work closely with each of our partners to improve their social and environmental practices, by focusing on employee well-fare, certifications and compliances, sustainability and environmental protection.

Certifications & compliance

New Idea complies strictly to BSCI, ISO, SGS, the Code of Conduct Guidelines & Expectations, as well as other certifications required by our partners. Our Quality Control team is thoroughly trained yearly to update their expertise to new regulations. Our customers are encouraged to conduct their own quality checks, or hire a third-party company in order to do so. We often collaborate with international organisms such as SGS or BSCI at our clients’ requests, to ensure our supply-chain’s conformity as well as our supplier’s.

« Great fashion can also be green fashion »

Linda Greer, Ph.D., NRDC senior scientist and director of Clean by Design


Working in the fashion industry, the second biggest industry in the world, we have a great responsibility to help protect the environment. At New Idea, we believe that protecting the environment is important to our community and for the future of the company.

Our pledge to sustainable development, environment protection and natural resources are applied to our supply chain and industrial processes. They are also included as criteria in our suppliers’ choice. Aware of the growing pressure, we work to find a balance between maintaining the company’s production capacities and meeting future increased in binding environmental standards.

Hand in hand with our staff, our commitments include things:
• As simple as paperless customs clearances.
• As rational as banning the use of harmful materials, forbidding the purchase of harmful substances or testing all our fabrics for toxicity.
• As important as inspecting our company and our supplier’s supply chain about waste control and zero toxic discharge in water resources.

But we believe that sustainable fashion goes way beyond. New Idea factories and suppliers are working on reducing their water and electricity consumption. As we are progressing in reducing our ecological footprint, a control use of all resources, however small, can have an impact. Plus it is also a compromise to decrease our costs.

We aspire for our customers to be proud of the product they buy, beyond the price, quality and design.

Employee Well-fare

At New Idea, we understand that the welfare of our staff has a direct impact on their work efficiency. With such consideration in mind, our employee packages include: Travel funds for each staff, annual leave holidays, medical checks, team-building outings …

Our management prides itself in making the company a safe place for each employee to progress and grow professionally and personally. Our training program focuses on broadening their knowledge, skills and organisational capabilities to ensure evolution opportunities. Furthermore as the company develops in other countries, we reward our most diligent staff and their family with opportunities over-sea in South- East Asia, North and South America, as well as Europe. The wellbeing of our people is important to us and we tailor our approach to meet the specific requirements of the different working environments within our offices, facilities, warehouses and distribution centers. As per our environment commitments, we solely work with partners who further similar values in employee welfare. Our suppliers’ network is regularly inspected to guarantee the respectability of their working environment and staff treatment.

Our Partners

All suppliers and manufacturers are bound by the social and environmental responsibility values that define our company.

At New Idea we understand that our values define us and are our added-values for our customers. As such we thrive to work in the most responsible of manners all through our supply chain. To do so, every partner needs to comply certification, welfare and environment requirements. From there we continuously work hand-in hand with each of our collaborators to improve their social and environmental practices.
New Idea takes quality, ethical and environment matters extremely seriously. For this reason, New Idea and all partners comply strictly to quality directives (BSCI, WRAP…), ISO9000, ISO14000, Oeko-Tex, AQL as well as other certifications requested by our clients.