“The First Expedition in Three Years of Epidemic, Full of Joy and a Promising Future!”

With the facilitation of China’s entry and exit policies this year, our three business departments and sales managers completed overseas visits to customers in the first quarter of 2023, after being away for three years.

The initiation of the return visit service not only reflects New Idea Group’s high requirements for the quality of clothing products, but also demonstrates the values embodied in the New Idea Group enterprise brand.

Ms. Yu, the Vice General manager of Shaoxing Merchandise team 1 and 2, is seen here explaining the latest season’s samples to a client from South Africa, while gaining a comprehensive understanding of their needs.

Accompanied by one more team member, Ms. Yu and her team brought several large boxes of samples to South Africa and embarked on a two-week visit to customers. Our newly developed samples received unanimous praise from the customers in terms of design and quality, with clear intentions to place orders. We look forward to the outstanding performance of Merchandise team 1 and 2 this year.

Ms. Shi, the Vice General manager of Shaoxing Merchandise team 3, 5, and 6, is conducting research on the sales and new product development of seamless underwear for Russian clients. Due to the tight schedule of this visit, Ms. Shi’s team decided to split into groups to visit major clients. After a three-year hiatus, we exchanged our business situation and life status with our clients.

*Ms.Li, the Vice General manager of Shanghai Merchandise team 7,9 visited clients and offline stores to understand the sales and consumer feedback of ready-to-wear products.

To better understand and serve the clients, Ms.Li and the team not only brought many sample clothes, but also prepared fabric samples for the clients to choose from, and gained a deeper understanding of their needs. The enthusiastic feedback from the clients showed us various possibilities for future cooperation.

Next, New Idea Group will continue to carry out customer revisit and development work in other countries. With high-quality products and services to meet the diverse needs of customers, the trust and recognition of customers is the driving force for the development of New Idea Group.
In 2023, we will spare no effort to move towards our goals!

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